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First, yes, you are welcome. This group was started because it’s hard to find things to do that don’t include alcohol. We will do anything and everything. Nothing is off the table, except no alcohol and/or drugs even if they are available at the venue.

The rules are simple: sober during the event, come ready to have fun, treat people with respect. That's it.

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Let's Talk (Black Mirror and our articles of the month) in the park

Lippitt Memorial Park

As we ease back into normalcy with vaccines and other good stuff, it's time to meet each other and discuss this month's selections IN PERSON.

We're meeting by the fountain in Lippitt Park at the end of Blackstone Boulevard, which is as great a place as any other.

Like last month, in addition to articles, we will be talking about our favorite episodes of Black Mirror. If you're not familiar, Black Mirror is a Netflix series that explores the dystopic implications of technology through vivid stories. The episodes are available on Netflix. Like every time, each selected article and episode is guaranteed to deliver great conversation. Here are this month's picks:

1. The history of the high five - We're going to doing a lot of high fiving in the future. Let's learn about the history and origin of this celebration.


2. Languishing - Are you searching for a word to describe the previous year? How about languishing? How has this last year been for you and how will you remember it? Let's talk.


BLACK MIRROR - search for Black Mirror and the episodes on Netflix to watch

3. 15 million merits - Season 1 episode 2 - This is a world where you're confined to a pod but have all the entertainment you want available. Does it feel familiar to real life?

4. The entire history of you - Season 1 episode 3 - Wouldn't it be great to be able to to record and revisit every memory you had? Think again.

Let's go biking

East Bay Bike Path

Let's go for a ride on the East Bay bike path. If you haven't been, it's got some great views as you ride along the river. Also, if you don't have a bike and want to go, say something. Some people may have an extra.

All fitness levels welcome. It's an easy trail, go as long or as short as works for you.

Let's meet in the 1st parking lot off Veteran's Memorial Drive. The map pin is right in the parking lot.

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Walk in the Park

Lincoln Woods State Park

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