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How common is atheism among scientists?

If scientists are in the best position to understand the world, has their advantage led them away from belief in God?

What can we know and not know from the polls done of organizations of scientists?

Recently I ran across an article titled "Do the Polls Show That Science Leads to Atheism?" written in a journal of scientists who are Christians, written by a scholar who turns out to live in Kansas City, MO. Thought the group would find it interesting to hear exactly what he has to say and discuss the topic with him, and he has agreed to come.

Says Eugene Curry:

Christian apologists often utilize scientific findings to build a case for theism, citing such phenomena as the Big Bang, the fine-tuning of physics for life, and so on. But critics respond that large numbers of American scientists are atheists, and so such phenomena cannot have apologetic merit. The assumption is that scientists themselves are best positioned to understand the science in view, and that this advantage has led them away from belief in God, not toward it.

But is atheism is as common among scientists as many assume? To get to the heart of the matter, another important question to ask is: Do atheistic scientists generally attribute their atheism to a familiarity with science?

Eugene Curry will examine the various issues involved in the relationship between atheism, theism, and science-based arguments for the existence of God.


Eugene A. Curry is the Senior Pastor of Park Hill Baptist Church in Kansas City, Missouri. Prior to serving at Park Hill, Curry ministered at churches in Los Angeles and San Francisco, California, and Portland, Oregon. He obtained his B.A. in Theological Studies from Concordia University in Oregon and then his Master of Divinity at Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary in California. Currently, Curry is pursuing his Doctor of Ministry at the Beeson Divinity School in Birmingham, Alabama.


Come early to grab a salad supper or something from the café — and to get to know people.


Afterward: The conversations continue at the Blue Moose (a minute away on the north side of the shopping center on the NW corner of 101st and Woodland).


See you Friday night!

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