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Psychedelic Experiences
Psychedelic Experiences
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Every 2 weeks on Thursday

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Our regular discussion series to talk about experiences and insights from psychedelics. Topics include Consciousness, Personal Growth, Healing, Safety, and more. Everyone is welcome, whether you're a starchild of the '60s or someone who is newly interested in psychedelics and seeing if they are right for you. With recent psilocybin decriminalization in Denver, this community can provide support while more people discover themselves.

Each discussion group will allow time for discussion and expansion of previous topics before continuing to new ones. Participation is optional, you can come prepared with a topic you'd like to discuss or simply be present. This is also a good time to recommend books or materials that have been beneficial to you.

The group is casual and community driven, each member has input in the topics we will discuss. We feel it's important that you get what you need out of this group, that could be using psychedelics to face trauma, or exploring your reality and experiencing "higher dimensions" (and what that means to you). Each meet up will be whatever you put into it!

The location will change periodically to open the group to members from all walks of life. Setting is one of the most important things, and we recognize that members may feel comfortable in one location more than another.