DARSHAN 8: The Supreme Array Scripture: A Psychedelic Sūtra

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This event features a talk at the New School University by DOUGLAS OSTO PhD, followed by a group field trip to the Rubin Museum of Art.

“I have not come across a canonical text that can approach the psychedelic majesty of the Avatamsaka Sutra, whose infinite details and ceaseless lists capture both the adamantine excess and fractal multiplicity of deep psychedelia.”
-Erik Davis

“All through the Avatamsaka Sutras there are references to infinitely jeweled Buddha-fields. Many who have tripped have seen them."
-Alex Grey

Dr. Osto (Altered States: Buddhism and Psychedelic Spirituality in America) will discuss the psychedelic nature of The Supreme Array Scripture (Gaṇḍavyūha Sūtra), and the potential implications of the text for the successful integration of psychedelics into a Buddhist spiritual path.

Composed sometime around the third century C.E., The Gaṇḍavyūha Sūtra is the final chapter of the immense Flower Ornament Scripture (Avataṃsaka Sūtra)—one of the most psychedelic Mahāyāna sutras ever composed by Buddhists!

After the talk, we will walk to the Rubin Museum of Art to receive DARSHAN as spiritual friends. We'll explore the exhibits, interact with the artwork, meditate in the Shrine room, and enjoy the vibes emanating from the K2 Lounge scene.

From 6pm-10pm ther is free admission to the Rubin Museum and it is "K2 Friday Night" at the Café Seraito with DJ Johnny Scifo with special guest DJ Taz Rashid.


Douglas Osto PhD teaches Asian Philosophy at Massey University, New Zealand. He is the author of Altered States: Buddhism and Psychedelic Spirituality in America, Power, Wealth, and Women in Indian Mahayana Buddhism. He has published articles in the Journal of Indian Philosophy, Journal of Religious History, Buddhist Studies Review, and the New Zealand Journal of Asian Studies.