Using Mercury Retrograde as a Spiritual Practice

Psychic Awakenings Seattle
Psychic Awakenings Seattle
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We are in "The Blue House" at the corner of Roy and Warren. You can park under the Metro Market for free (entrance on Warren between Mercer and Roy).

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Mercury Retrograde is April 28 through May 22.

Mercury Retrograde has a bad reputation! Dozens of books have been written about how the dangers of Mercury Retrograde's unpredictable setbacks, delays and doubts will upend your normal routines. These books warn us about all the things we should not do in order to avoid the inevitable chaos and confusion that happens during these three-week periods while Mercury appears to be moving backwards through the sky.

The power of a Mercury Retrograde can catch you off guard indeed. But spiritual, personal and psychic growth can be attained by working with this tremendous energy. Mercury Retrograde asks us to step out of our usual routines and ways of thinking that usually dominate our lives. It is when you take on this different perspective of life that you may see opportunities and challenges that you wouldn't recognize during your usual, analytical, overly-busy life. Take this class and you will always feel empowered instead of frazzled by Mercury's reverse transits.

In this class you will:

* Create a written plan of the best things that you CAN DO during MR

* Learn about the five distinct cycles that make up a MR

* Explore various creative activities conducive for working WITH Mercury Retrograde energy to heal yourself and for spiritual growth.

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