Sharing Wisdom & Experience: for Spiritual or Healing Start-ups & Entrepreneurs


I have found the game of business, something I actively eschewed for most of my life, can actually be a fun and really challenging gymnasium for my personal development (intellectual, emotional, relational, etc) and spiritual deepening. This path is integral to my spiritual path - if you are similar, read on!

Come engage this sandbox of entrepreneurship, learn from peers and those who have gone before you... shift your perspective!
Operate in the world of business with Ease, Grace, Power, Insight... cooperation and community.

We are offering a day of sharing ideas, learning and meditation,
targeted for our Psychic and Healing Grads (CAPs - Clairvoyant Awareness Program, AHPs - Advanced Healers Program - etc)

AND possibly useful for you!
If you are invested in a business venture or ministry and you are are open to this day-long conversation and meditation opportunity - please read on...

Here is our general outline. Each person interviewed will share: What I learned energetically and physically - what works, doesn't work, how I did it and where I am now, what I learned the easy and the hard way, where I tripped and you don't have to...

1) Interview and discussion: Graduates share, how am I building my spiritual/healing business? Featuring
- Megan Carroll of Mother Earth Medicine (
- Liz Ophoven of Happy Holistic Mystics (

2) Interview and discussion: Graduates share, how do I apply my spiritual/healing training in other ventures - from corporate to non-profit? Featuring
- Liz Powell, VP at Edelman, a marketing firm; and Advisory Board of Antioch University, Seattle
- Maggie Faust, Counselor for Social Services
- Lynn Brown, Financial Advisor & Associate Vice President Packman, Brown & Associates, a practice of Ameriprise; and Principal of RaaNess of Life (

3)Interview: Madeline Hartman about:
a) nuts and bolts of a small business operation, steps all businesses need, biz license, etc AND
b) personal expereince as Director of Psychic Awakenings ( - which is about to celebrate our 10 year anniversary!

4) Scott Walsh, Teacher, Reader and Healer presenting

Spiritual Focus for Spiritual Business.

5) Wendy R Wolf sharing Resources as well as personal experience as Asst Director of Psychic Awakenings and Principal of Heal Grow Shine! ( as well as Light in the Darkness ( FYI -> Due to time considerations, this last section will be moved to a future workshop: Interactive presentation from Michael R Wolf (Agile Business Mentor and Scrum Master) and Wendy R Wolf about:
a) Business Focus, Testing, Creating your Customers.
b) other Lean Start-up ideas & support for your unique business.

Before, during, and after the day's programs, we will be in active meditation: utilizing inner tools to assist us to Be who we are & where we are, to let go of what stops us and allow-in new vibrations and ways of being, etc

Each presenter will share links and resources with the class, and may be available for follow-up coaching if you so desire.

Please bring your own insights and resources to share!
I may form a support, resource-sharing, networking group following this day, if there is enough interest.

Happy Playing in the world of business!

Investment: $97
If you have completed Psychic Tools 101 - only $79.
If you are post-CAP or AHP - only $49.
If you are a CAP 9 or 10 student - Free for you!

Timing: 10am - 4pm
Energy & healing to get started:
If you have not completed Psychic Tools 101, please let Wendy know you are coming ( [masked] ) see Wendy to learn basic inner tools to utilize throughout the day in active meditation with the group!
If you have completed Psychic Tools 101, run energy and when they are available ask someone for a healing(you can ask Wendy or Madeline to assist you)
If you have completed Healing Hands I, run energy and trade healings. If you want a longer healing - come at 9:45.

- Pad & Pen
- Water Bottle
- Several snacks for breaks or a main dish to share for lunch

; )WRW