Balancing Act: Empower Yourself by Owning Your Male & Female Energy

Psychic Awakenings Seattle
Psychic Awakenings Seattle
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Have you ever looked at your own energy to see what is male and what is female? On a energy level we fluidly engender both male and female energy. In this workshop we will explore our own male and female energy and see how and when we choose to use these powerful energies in our lives.

We are constantly playing with the roles and the experience of being male and female on earth. The concept of who we are in body is changing rapidly to include many variations. Androgynous, cis, transgender, LGBTQ, and variations of He, She, Them and They, are changing how we see ourselves as human beings. With an immense capability to transform ourselves at will, we are in the midst of changing the concept of what it is to be human.

One of the most powerful realizations I have had was looking at male energy and female energy truly recognizing for the first time the power each holds for me. As a step toward reconciliation between these seaming opposites, let's tune in on a spiritual level to see the cultural expectations these energies hold in ourselves and society as we work to clear the long history of what it is to be a woman and to be a man.

In this meditation workshop we will:

• Tune in experientially to these two different, but equal energies, female and male.
• Look at how we use our male & female energy.
• Clear conflicting beliefs
• Balance energy in the body so we are living more fully our own true identity.