Chakra Energy Healing - Guided Meditation Workshop


A spirit centered life is a conscious decision; a tuned frequency that resonates within a positive universe. In this guided meditation workshop you will learn to work with your amazing energy centers to increase awareness from the heart.

It is said that western culture is focused on the intellect, we develop strong mental and analytic capabilities, and we are so very good at that.
In other times and cultures the focus has been more on the heart. A shift to heart centered awareness can open your intuitive gifts, ease connection with others, and deepen your presence and awareness to resonate with All That Is.

During this time of fast changing energy, we need to learn to increase heart centered awareness to resonate with these changes. It happens naturally, and we can increase our ability move through change easily when we are balanced and present.

In this guided meditation workshop we will:
- Work with our chakra energy centers to grow our heart centered awareness.
- Learn to use our own power to heal and relax the physical body.
- Set our spiritual vision as we align with our highest and best self.
- Connect to the universe and use that energy to raise our vibration to match the frequency of our vision.
- Enjoy, resonate with source, become into balance.

Come to this workshop to learn more about your energy body, to increase your skill with conscious creation. Learn to BE in the heart and increase heart/mind balance.