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Plant Spirit Healing Workshop

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Psychic Awakenings

700 Warren Ave. N. · Seattle, WA

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We are in "The Blue House." Walk on in!

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This workshop is being presented by guest teacher Megan Carroll. Megan is the founder of Mother Earth Medicine. More information about Megan can be found at her website

Traditional healers around the world have always understood that all of nature is endowed with a deep, healing intelligence and wisdom. This intelligence includes the elements, the animals, and of course, the plants.

Plants have literally been on this earth for millions of years, and have an intelligence, or consciousness, that is very evolved (compared to us humans). Because of this, we can learn a lot from them.

Plant consciousness is unlike human consciousness in that it is not connected to only one body, as we are. The same consciousness, (or “spirit”) of a cedar tree is present in every cedar tree on earth. Their spirits are as vast as they are wise.

Just as we can connect with and learn from the spirits of spiritual masters like Jesus or The Buddha through meditation, so we can connect with the spirits of the plants. Each plant spirit has it’s own personality, it’s own wisdom, and it’s own medicine. As we get to know them, the plants will make their energies available to us to help us to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually. This is a kind of “vibrational herbal medicine.” It is a kind of healing that has been practiced throughout the ages and across the globe.

In this introductory workshop, we will connect with the spirits of several different plants. As we work with the energies of each plant, you will learn how to:

- Connect with the spirits of the plants that you are drawn to (we are all
naturally drawn to the plants that can help us the most!).
- Receive healing, information guidance and support from the spirits of
- Learn about herbal medicine directly from the plants themselves.
- Create an ongoing spiritual relationship with your plant allies if you