Clairvoyance, Seeing With Your Energy Centers


Learn energy tools to open to your clairvoyance. We don't only "see" with our third eye, our 6th Chakra, clairvoyance is a connection and commitment to truth and awareness that includes opening the heart, throat and crown as well.

Each of us is a beautiful spirit learning to grow into our truth to create meaningful lives of love and wonder. Your chakras work together to read energy. In this guided meditation workshop we call on the energetic laws of spirit and light to guide us into growing our potent super power of vision with intention. We will learn how to tap in on an energetic level and align our awareness to universal love and light.

In this guided meditation workshop you will:
- Learn to use your vision.
- Increase your ability to be centered and aware in your body.
- Resonate with "truth".
- Use your clairvoyance to heal yourself.
- Be in joyful resonance with your body and being.

Learn and use the power of your energy centers in this guided meditation workshop. Open to the field of seeing as we connect and raise our energy levels, imagine, and use our psychic gifts. Come to this workshop if you want to tune up your chakras, enhance your awareness and vision to read clairvoyantly.

35.00 per person