Setting Intentions for 2019 through Intuitive Writing and Collaging


There’s a difference between New Year’s Resolutions and Setting Intentions, and there’s a reason why we aren’t always able to keep resolutions. Resolutions are goals we have to strive and reach for. They are often in the distance and imply a change of our current status or way of life. Setting Intentions works with present reality. Instead of striving for goals, we intend in the present by looking at our beliefs about our lives. Intentional living means living from the goal or answer. There’s nowhere to get but where we are. By diving deep into the present and looking at our beliefs, thoughts and language, we can intend to live any way we choose to. We will explore and create intentions through collaging and intuitive writing. Being clear on our intentions will set us up for a wonderful 2019.

Please bring a pen and journal. Collaging materials will be provided.