Take Command of Your Psychic Space Guided Meditation Workshop

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Price: $35.00 /per person

700 Warren Ave N

700 Warren Ave N · Seattle, WA

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In the Blue House on the corner of Warren Ave. N. and Roy St., North of Seattle Center.

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Do your receive powerful dreams, visions, or you just know what is about to happen but they seem random and uncontrollable? If you want be in command of your psychic space, and believe you're ready to understand you gifts and learn to use them, this workshop will answer questions and help you take the next steps to build consistency and stability.

Being psychic, intuitive or sensitive is a calling, and when we answer, we get more. It can be uncomfortable, and even scary until you make peace with this fascinating and powerful gift of awareness. This workshop is a step towards getting more consistent and finding ways to be more present with your psychic ability.

In this guided workshop we will play with energy and you will learn:

- To more consistently connect with and trust your own information.
- Clear doubt and fear.
- Strengthen your own personal connection to your own higher self.
- Practice and improve your skill so that you receive information "on demand".
- Use creative practices to improve certainty and knowing.
- About clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance, visions and dreams.

This workshop is for psychics and intuitives who want to gain confidence and consistency with their spiritual information.
$35 - per person

Sarah Lovett is a psychic, artist, and teacher with deep experience in awakening to her own spiritual gifts.