Receive Messages from Your Spirit Guides

Psychic Awakenings Seattle
Psychic Awakenings Seattle
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Psychic Awakenings

700 Warren Ave. N. · Seattle, WA

How to find us

We are in "The Blue House" at the corner of Roy and Warren. Walk on in!

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Whether you are just curious about your Spirit Guides, or you talk to them every day, they are always there for you. THEY want you to be better able to communicate with them too!

What makes this workshop unique is that in order to learn how be better aware of your Guides, you also have to learn how to enhance your awareness that you too are a capable Spirit.

The beneficial information that you will learn in this workshop:
1. Some basic psychic tools for being more aware of your own energy.
2. How to create a clear energetic boundary so that you may receive clear answers from your Guide.
3. How to find the stillness within you, the space where you can communicate with Spirit.
4. Clear out any energies, beliefs and programs that block your ability to receive information.
5. Clear out and own your energy centers for speaking to, seeing, and knowing your Guides.
6. Exercises for seeing how You are not your body, emotions nor your problems.
7. Experience your Guide visually, audibly or intuitively.