Crystals - Deepen Your Relationship to Earth Energy

Psychic Awakenings Seattle
Psychic Awakenings Seattle
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700 Warren Ave N

700 Warren Ave N · Seattle, WA

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The blue house on the corner of Warren and Roy, 2 blocks North of Seattle Center.

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Earth energy is creative and supportive. It can help us to be more secure, aware, and connected. It is a way we learn to love ourselves and our life. Learning to be grounded is a way to open up your psychic awareness. We will focus on earth energy then turn our heightened attention to crystals, resonance, and elevated earth energy.

Crystals can be used to remind us of our intentions, strengthen our aura, and help us tune in to nature's harmony and balance.

Crystals relationship to the Deva or Nature Spirit kingdoms.
This workshop is an opportunity for you to become personally acquainted with these unusual stones and use them as a tool for conscious creation.

I've collected and worked with crystals for the past 15 years. My journey with stones began much earlier, my great Uncle Blackburn was a rock hound who provided us our birthstones along with adventure stories about visiting ruby mines, and sent postcards from shell collecting on foreign beaches. When on my enlightening path, I started wearing turquoise, lots of it. Although I knew stones were used as sacred objects, it wasn't until years later that I realized this stone of well being with protective, grounding, and healing properties was just what I needed. Crystals can be stimulating, calming or protective, and they have other wonderful qualities we can use on our spiritual path. In this workshop we will play and develop our own psychic sense using crystals.

This experiential meditation workshop you will:

- Connect to earth energy, be aware and tuned in.
- Use your intuitive sense to find out what a crystal offers to you.
- Get to know some common and some rare types of crystals from my collection.
- Learn some simple ways to clean and program your own crystals.

Facilitated by Sarah Lovett, Creative/Intuitive. http:/