Spiritual Awareness: What It Is, How to Create It

Psychic Awakenings Seattle
Psychic Awakenings Seattle
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Psychic Awakenings

700 Warren Ave. N. · Seattle, WA

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We are located in "The Blue House" at the corner of Warren and Roy.

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Spiritual growth and awareness. We all want it, we all seek it. But what is it really? How can you know if you really have changed, or if you are just fooling yourself? Sure, you have several spiritual practices: meditation, journaling, being heart-centered. But why does it seem as if we are all still constantly dealing with the same issues in our lives? Why do we give our attention to distractions rather than spending that time focusing on what is really important to us?

You have probably read several spiritual self-help books and taken workshops and webinars. But how often do you truly feel empowered and happy? Our intellectual minds distort, deny and exaggerate. Many of us are prone to wishful and magical thinking. What does it take to genuinely know ourselves and feel certain about our decisions.

In this meditation and experiential workshop you will learn:
1) Techniques for experiencing yourself as the Spirit that inhabits your body.
2) How to use your intellect for Spiritual Growth instead of it being a hindrance.
3) How to raise the vibration of your body so that You are more comfortable in it.
4) Techniques for finding your unconscious core beliefs that keep you stuck.

You can pay at the door, but if you want to reserve your space, you can pay the $40 fee at https://www.paypal.me/psychicawakenings . Be sure to click the box indicating that you are paying for "Goods or Services."