Energy Activism for Our Time.


Learn to use energy to effect change.

To add to your knowledge of grounding, we learn that the energy that surrounds us is our own. Ownership is key to healing yourself. If you own it you can heal it. Many things have come up recently as opportunities to ourselves. As we heal ourselves, we heal humanity.

While the Cathedral at Notre Dame De Paris burned, I was able to see the impact of history, religion and conquest. To feel and react allowed me to release old pictures of clergy, martyrs, cloisters, celibacy, and mystics, and of power and education, of value standards. All these images and more rose with the flames. An icon holds history! The fire released all these images for us to use as healing agents.

We don't need to limit ourselves to religion; politics, violence, and climate, are all themes that hold iconic energy streams and images. World news can be an opportunity to clear old programming, and if many of us clear it, then we can take a massive step as humans, and have the energy we need to create new visions for the world. Any image that triggers us can be released. It's all been part of the earth experience, and we can use our psychic tools to release the pictures, take back our energy, and gain freedom.

- Learn to create, energize, and hold your vision with the help of the Universe.
- Release the blocks that prevent your vision from being realized.
- Learn to use your emotional energy to heal yourself and move forward.

We create our own reality. This workshop is for you if you want to deepen your ability to know yourself in relationship to the planet, create and hold a vision of what you wish to see in the world.

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