Chakra Reading & Healing, Guided Meditation Workshop

Psychic Awakenings Seattle
Psychic Awakenings Seattle
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In this workshop we will dive deeply into our inner vision to learn how to read and heal chakra energy centers.

Your chakras are your integral connection to the universe. In this guided meditation workshop we will use our perception and connect and see these power centers. Heal as spirit and connect with universal energy.
We will explore not only the 7 Chakras in the body, but also chakras 8, 9 , 10, 11, and 12.

The Universe fully supports you to fulfill our life purpose. Your energy centers tell you exactly where you are in your path and what you are meant to be. Integration of body and spirit helps us to be more in tune with purpose.

In this guided meditation workshop we will:

-Integrate our energy to heighten intuitive reading skills.
-Explore each chakra and its unique message.
-Read and heal using energy centers.
-Be in a state of Blessing with the Universe to enhance awareness.

This guided meditation workshop is for anyone who is curious to learn more about their own energy. Come with the intention to play and explore the essence of health, creativity, power, love, self expression, truth, and spirit. Chakras hold these energies and more.

$35 per person
Sarah Lovett is a Psychic, Teacher, and Artist in the Seattle Area.
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