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Psychic Awakenings Seattle
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Your intention and energy are real, powerful, and offer tangible ways to make change happen. In this workshop you will learn simple effective tools to increase your ability to work with energy, develop your intuition and awaken to your personal power. This experiential workshop will increase your ability to work intuitively and be more present in your daily life.

We all see energy, here we learn how to read the energy around us and tune in to the language of the soul. You already are psychic, sensitive and intuitive. At psychic school you will learn many techniques for rediscovering and owning your psychic abilities.

This class is for everyone who is curious about energy. Anyone, including highly sensitive people, empaths, and psychics will benefit from these valuable ways to take command of your energy and your life.

This class offers psychic “tools” to help you:
* Remove energy blocks in your body and clear pain
* Begin to understand and “read” energy clairvoyantly
* Ground to feel safe while you open up psychically
* Renew and replenish your energy
* Be aware of and separate from energies that may be influencing you
* Tune in to your own spiritual information (Everyone has their own unique truths!)

This gives you a strong foundation of knowing yourself, which is an essential first step for reading and healing other people.

We don't have any dogma. There is nothing you have to believe, and all beliefs will be honored. We simple teach the psychic tools, and let you experience how they will help you in your day-to-day life.

One more thing - we have lots of FUN in this class!

NOTE: this will be a live streaming ZOOM class, depending on requirements about meeting in person. As things change, it may also be a combination of live and Zoom.

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Full disclosure -- This workshop is the 1st week of an eye opening six-week class for learning about energy and intuitive skills. If you do choose to enroll for the full 6 weeks, the investment is $300.00 class series (or $270 if you pay at the first meeting). Register Here to take the full class:
Contact Sarah with questions: [masked]