Female-Male Communication/Energy Class

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This workshop explores the world of male and female energy and communication from an energetic perspective. We will use psychic tools to release old patterns and blocks to reach a new, updated energy and communication space for each student. We cover parental influences, mental-image pictures, spirit to spirit communication, communication bubbles, perfect pictures and baby beings. We strive for neutrality, amusement, healing, fun and understanding.

All gender identities welcome! It is up to each of us to decide how we identify, and how we express our gender. Our identity deserves to be respected and supported.
We offer a safe space for sensitive souls to explore with open hearts and minds.

This FREE WORKSHOP is the the first class of a six-week course. Come and try it one time for free. If you decide to take the full six weeks, the tuition is $300. It is taught by Sarah Lovett and Yurek Chodak.
You can register for the full class at PsychicAwakeningsSeattle.com/Register.

Materials needed: A small drawing pad or paper, and for writing or drawing, a pencil or pen for this class.

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Yurek Chodak is a graduate of the Berkeley Psychic Institute where he taught reading and energy tools for over fourteen years. He now has his own Nature Based psychic practice 'In Living Spirit.'

Sarah Lovett has been teaching at Psychic Awakenings since 2017, a Seer, Artist, and MAP Method Practitioner, and artist in the Seattle area. you will find out more about er work on Lovettarts.com