Your Voice as a Healing Instrument

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The sound and vibrations of your own voice have the power to help you heal and transform on multiple levels—and help others transform too. With your voice you can:
* Tap into and release buried emotions, old beliefs and blocks that may
be holding you or your clients back.
* Voice different emotions and ideas, especially those you may not yet
have words for.
* Disrupt emotional and energetic patterns that are not serving you.
* Release energy that keeps you from feeling at ease in yourself and
your voice.
* Heal and transform on physical, energetic, emotional, and spiritual

In this workshop, we will tune into the body—its core energy centers and specific places within you that could benefit from voicing attention. We will cover how to direct the voice to the space and places within the body that need tending, and the shapes and tones that work with what your own body needs. We will also touch on how to do this with others. You will move and shift things energetically within yourself in this workshop and come to a greater understanding of your voice as a muscle for stepping into your own power and potential.

Susan DuMett is a vocalist and voice empowerment mentor who is also versed in energy medicine. Note from Susan: This class is for everyone you do not need to be a singer to use your voice for healing.