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We’ve created this group to be a psychic support group for those interested in developing their psychic and intuitive skills including clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairsentience, clairaudience, and mediumship. In this group we will explore and practice each intuitive skill in order to develop and hone them. We will have fun activities and exercises too. Come join us and learn to develop your psychic skills too!

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SKILL STRETCH - Let's stretch our psychometry and clairgustance skills!

Let's practice our psychometry and clairgustance skills. Using your psychic skills to connect with information when touching inanimate objects and using your sense of taste. Bring your lovely selves and - * a notepad * a personal item of your choice that has meaning or a feeling surrounding it, like a gift from a loved one, and wedding ring, etc..... Important - PLEASE KEEP THIS ITEM HIDDEN and show it only to me!!! Looking forward to working with you! (a note from me, if you are enjoying this class, please take a moment to rate it, i would appreciate it! - Love and light -Marion)

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SKILL STRETCH - Let's stretch our clairvoyant skills!

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