What we're about

In person is at West Covina/ La Puente ( 91744 ) or Via ZOOM online class
This meet up is about Holistic health , Body & Mind connection , Consciousness, Oneness, Ascension ,Akashic Record, Healing , Ascension Kundalini Reiki ,  Usui Reiki, Meditation,  DNA activation, Ethereal spine realignment, Intuitive arts , Soul healing, Past life regression, Spiritual Hypnosis, Psychic development , Automatic writing, Mediumship , Channeling , Dreams, Imagination, Visualization , Tarot, Astrology, Numerology , Crystals Healing , UFO ,   plus much more
Please  listen to my blog talk radio in 2014 ( readings done by all  past students ) 

Tina Saelee
Location : Los Angeles, CA , USA
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist , Life & Spiritual Coaching , Metaphysical & Healing Arts teacher, QHHT practitioner ( trained by World Renown Dolores Cannon, Neuro Muscular Therapist ( work with trigger points soft tissue manipulation & pain management ) , 

Below is just sample of the classes i teach on Meetup since 2010-2015  

  • Basic psychic development
    Connect to  your guides
    Automatic writing & channeling
    Billet reading  & Psychometry
    Read Chakra & Aura
    Akashic reading  & Akashic  Healing
    Life path reading
    Mediumship & Circle
    Intuitive Tarot & Astrology
    Remote viewing
    Dreams analysis
    DNA healing Reiki
    Animal Healing Reiki
    Kundalini Reiki
    Usui Reiki
    Karuna Reiki
    Fairy Reiki
    Children Reiki
    Angel Reiki
    Abundance Reiki
    Life path Reiki
    Aura Empowerment Reiki
    Clairvoyant reading
    Rose reading & Flower reading
    Manifest through Power of Chakras
    Past life regression , life between lives
    Pendulum & Higher self Inner Pendulum
    The HOUSE & The CAR Clairvoyant reading
    Distant healing-3 frequency and color therapy
    Crystals, Stones, Orgones
    Psychic detective
    Creating your own Oracle cards
    Sound healing
    Crystal Healing Certification
    Past life regression certification
    Time Travel
    Enochian Astrology
    Stone Casting
    Meditative Ancient Dance
    Tarot Code
    Ascension Journey
    Ascension Through Major Arcana Tarot
    Removing Fear and Blockages
    Angel Practitioner Certification ( Doreen Virtue)
    Ancient Numerology
    House reading
    Car Reading
    Higher Self Pendulum
    Relationship Clairvoyant reading
    Channeled Healing
    Channeling ( many students here became Powerful Channelers )
    Angel Healing practitioner
    Crystal Healing Practitioner
    How to do Spiritual hypnosis
    Animal communication
    Angel Reading & Healing
    Archangel Reiki
    kundalini Reiki
    Plus many more not listed here


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