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Dance Meditation by Christina

In this class we will learn a technique to move that emphasizes being in the moment, connecting to your body, and feeling the bliss of movement. This form of dance that I will teach is very open ended, people with no dance experience are encouraged to come. In the class we will focus on ideas in movement that teach us about ourselves, such as pushing our limits, our creativity, our fears and our expectations. This form of dance increases flexibility, builds strength and stamina, and is a great form of exercise for all people.

I invite you to come explore with us, get your blood flowing and experience something new!

Please wear clothes that you can move in and are comfortable in. I would also advise to be barefoot or in socks.

Christina is a student in my group taking Akashic and other Healing classes and she is a trained ballet and modern dancer with her BFA in Dance from California Institute for the Arts and furthered her studies for this specific technique of dance in Tel Aviv, Israel. Combining what Christina has learned from the Akashic classes and meditations, she feels what she has to share is universally important, beneficial and most importantly, fun!