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You too can learn how famous, professional Psychic-Mediums are able to contact the other side and deliver accurate messages, awesome predictions, and life changing guidance.

What are the daily practices of these amazing Mystics? Discover and learn the routines, tools, techniques, and meditations that keep them in touch with other realms.

Learn how to be super psychic, deliver messages from loved ones in spirit, and how to receive and share divine inspiration. By realizing the difference between being a psychic, medium, and a channel you’ll take your abilities to a whole new level, showcasing your unique strengths.

Discover which ongoing practices will keep your mystical abilities sharp. You’ll learn all about leading and attending Psychic Development Circles, Paranormal Investigations, and Spirit Circles.

Master the art of reading for others, ethically and accurately. Know what it takes to be a worker of Divine Light, serving as a professional Psychic-Medium-Channel.

Thrive as you learn all of this in an intimate classroom environment in Southern California*. With a maximum of twenty students you’ll receive the individualized instruction and close knit practice sessions that the other, more famous Psychic-Mediums can’t afford to offer.

After leading several meetup groups, I've discovered that many members enjoy an online option to participate. Although meetup is really about meeting up face to face, we'll also announce our online classes here on meetup.com, too.

Let's us know what you'd like more (or less) of. We're here to evolve with you in light, laughter, and love.

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Love, Peace, Blessings, and Epic Joy always...
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Journaling Your Future

Mystic's School

Journaling Your Future :: individualized sessions in May Class + Workbook + 10-day email series + Mentoring Your choice of available evening appointments Part prediction, part planning, and part reality creation, Future Journaling is a super easy and powerful method to validate your psychic abilities and to put the law of attraction into action in a very conscious and effective way. You’ll discover how to: > Shift into “writer’s flow” in 44 seconds. > Tap into your own unique numerological makeup. > Blend tarot with your numbers for spot on direction. > Plan, with your goals in mind, in a very affirmative way. > Predict and create your most positive future. > Validate your psychic abilities as you see your best future unfold just as you had envisioned it. :: Join Michele Andres in an inspirational and easy discussion/lesson to get you started with complete understanding. :: You’ll receive a workbook [pdf download] created specifically for your unique numerology. :: Stay on target with a daily tips via email for your first ten days. :: Finally, we’ll schedule a follow-up session to go over your progress and answer any questions. Individual Class Sessions are set up to your preference and convenience with your choice of venue: Your choice of available evening appointments in May Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday at 5pm, 6pm, or 7pm PST $ 50 Phone Session - any available evening in May $ 99 Zoom Session (which is video recorded) - any available evening in May $199 In-Person (time and location options near 92551) TICKETS https://www.eventbrite.com/e/journaling-your-future-tickets-60716197782 Any questions? Need to check my availability? email me anytime :: [masked]

Easy Psychic Tarot Class ONLINE

Needs a location

Learn the Easy Psychic Tarot system :: an "out of the box" look at TAROT :: take an extremely intuitive approach to knowing tarot :: recognize tarot's signs and symbols in everyday life :: develop your "tarot eyes" and receive psychic knowings (even with no deck in hand!) Total beginners as well as tarot masters will enjoy exploring #TarotEverywhere ~10 weeks on online every Monday, starting June 10th at 5pm PST ~Practice with others in our private facebook group ~Downloads of all materials are included ~Optional: Buy your own Epiphanies Tarot deck ~More information at mystic-mentor.com TICKETS $99 for all ten zoom sessions + facebook group experience First 10 Tickets are Free when you RSVP on eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/easy-psychic-tarot-class-ten-weeks-online-tickets-62226262426

Tarot MediumSHIP Cruise

carnival cruise lines

Spirit Speak with Tarot :: Tarot as a tool in Psychic Mediumship Join us on the "MEDIUM-SHIP" Your Spirit Team is excited to talk with you. Tarot cards are a phenomenal tool to reach out to the unseen. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how, even with no previous tarot experience, anyone can receive and interpret messages from their dearly departed, spirit guides, and guardian angels - all within the divine protection of pure white light and love. :: Ships are overflowing with psychic energy! Take part in a Spirit Circle and experience spiritual communication on the deep blue seas - very powerful. :: Six group-session of experiential activities are planned aboard the ship. :: Many opportunities are available to immediately implement what you're learning. :: Learn how to receive messages from your spirit guides and loved ones in heaven using tarot cards. :: Understand how spirits speak to you all the time using a supernatural sign language that’s unique to you. :: Know why there’s no one better than you to talk with your dearly departed. :: Discover a daily practice that’ll keep your lines of spiritual communication wide open. :: Join Michele Andres of Mystic-Mentor.com for an intensive, hands-on experience on how to communicate with the spirit world using her Epiphanies Tarot. COSTS $144 [RSVP and payment options and instructions will be emailed to you] - includes three hours of instruction + a Spirit Circle - Epiphanies Tarot ~ 78-card tarot deck designed to intensify intuition - Epiphanies journal and instructions are included - Unlimited psychic experiences, within our group and on your own Cruise, transportation, food, and accommodations are NOT included. Upon RSVP you'll receive detailed instructions to insure we're all on the same boat, so to speak! 8)

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