What we're about

Hi lovers of psychology!

We are a group of people passionate about helping people and learning the best strategies to help people, because we think to live is to give!

We are into constant personal development and being a better version of ourselves every single day, because Progress is the ultimate source of happiness in life.

We think value of our lives is not measured by what we get, but by what we contribute to others.

We enjoy exploring life wisdom, because we think wisdom is the new sexy.

We want to see real positive changes happen in people's lives, but to do that we ourselves must be the change we want to see in the first place.

This is why we started this group. Join us if you are one of our kind and a positive change maker.

What makes our group special is our signature program - Live Intervention. This defines the nature of our meetup and makes it so addictive. this is how it's done:

1. Sharing: One member shares his/her real life challenges with other members in the meetup. The shared challenges can be any obstacles that prevent us from making a change or achieving our goals in life, such as career issues, family issues, relationship issues, self-esteem, fear, health, sex, depression, anxiety, loneliness, addiction and performance issues etc.

2. Helping: Other members help him/her to solve the issues by contributing their own ideas, suggestions or by using psychotherapy / coaching techniques. In this way he/she can start seeing the old challenges with fresh and different perspectives. Finally we help find his/her own solutions so that he/she can move on in life.

In the past year's meetup, there have been lots of emotional moments. Many members shed tears, confronted their deepest fears and their own flaws. Very often we have to go through very tough emotional status, because we know real growth happens outside our own comfort zones. But when we finally achieve that breakthrough in the end, it's so worth it to go through the pain.

Fused in this process is a group coaching & exercise session by the lead coach from Whisper Coaching. We will apply Crisis Intervention & Psychotherapy techniques in the story sharing process to breakthrough the members' major life challenges in just one coaching conversation. You might think major life changes take 10 years to happen, but you'll witness what it really takes is just one moment in your mind.

3. Pro Support: We invite a professional expert (a psychologist or a coach) to be present in the meetup, so that whenever we get stuck in the problems because of our lack of professional psychological knowledge, the expert can help us out by providing quality guidance.

4. Commitment: at the end of Live Intervention, the member with the problem must commit to at least one change he/she is going to implement in life immediately after the meetup.

5. Reflection: other members reflect on what they learn and appreciate from listening to and analyzing others' issues, and what new strategies / techniques they learn which they can use later to help more people.

With the Live Intervention we hope that when members walk out of the meetup, they are already a different person from the one when they walked in, because positive change has come to their lives. It works like a magic, and that's why we are Psychology Magicians!

[ Private Coaching Services by Whisper Coaching: ]

Whisper Coaching is our sponsor, and they provide Life Coaching & Strategic Crisis Intervention for various life challenges. If you think a private 1-on-1 coaching service is more suitable for your needs, feel free to contact the organizer through "Private Messages" function of the Meetup website or APP. We will schedule private life coaching sessions for you at your convenience with Whisper Coaching.

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