Laughter is the Best Medicine - Play Cards Against Humanity ;) (Host: Shawn)

This is a past event

19 people went

The Uncommons

230 Thompson St · New York, NY

How to find us

Meetup inside 'The Uncommons." At the counter, pay $7 and ask them where the horrible people are playing 'Cards Against Humanity.' Typically, the tables in the side room is reserved for us. (typically 20-25 show up)

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Better than Sunday Confession ;) — Play 'Cards Against Humanity.

Greet horrible old friends and meet new ones.

"When I was tripping on acid, _____ turned into _____."

"A cooler full of organs." "Free samples."

Practice being horrible here:

Host: Shawn

"Ok folks, we've skipped a couple of months, but it's that time again- the third Sunday of the month- the day you all get to have a great time being horrible people with a rousing game of Cards Against Humanity. Because so many of you enjoy it, we decided it was best to give you recurring opportunities to be horrible. I'm sure we're doing a great service providing a safe outlet for these urges, especially after making you go a couple months without.

We'll be playing at The Uncommons (, a tabletop gaming cafe. If by any chance Cards Against Humanity isn't your thing, they literally have a menu ( of dozens of games for you to enjoy, along with more typical menus for things like food and drink. For the small fee of $7 plus tax, all of these things will be available to you for the entire evening (The games, not the food and drink).

So come out and enjoy the guilty pleasure of being acceptably horrible with a card game, or play another game and sit in quiet judgment of the rest of us (both options have their appeal). Either way, join us for some fun games and good company this weekend."

We will be joining Shawn's group. Typically, 20-25 people show up.