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This is a group for psychotherapists interested in reading thoughtful, stimulating books with psychological themes. The purpose of the group is to meet like-minded professionals in our neighborhood and take some time to read excellent, mind-expanding literature which will stimulate discussion about ourselves and our work with patients.
Our first book will be Lost Connections by Johann Hari. Hari's previous best-selling book, Chasing the Scream, transformed the global debate about addiction. In Lost Connections, he describes how he was prescribed anti-depressants as a teenager but later became disillusioned with the theory of "chemical imbalance." So he spends three years traveling the world to try and understand the real causes of anxiety and depression and discovers nine real causes and multiple, creative solutions.

His book raises interesting questions: Are our present theories the best way to understand our and our patients' experiences of emotional discontent? Might there be additional ways to understand the causes, and possibly the remedies, for so much emotional suffering?

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Discussion: LUCKY JIM, by James Hart

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In this searchingly, honest and emotionally nuanced narrative, Hart navigates his struggles with the unknowable and unsayable. He describes the emotional waves of comfort and discomfort that he finds in the world of celebrity with elegance, courage, and minimalism. The result is a memoir that makes for exceptionally poignant, lyrical reading. A finely written, painful, but profound book.

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