The fascinating world of face recognition: Brad Pitt, Super-Cops and more

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Venue: The Gregorian Pub – Bermondsey, 96 Jamaica Road, London SE16 4SQ. We will be in an allocated room by the entrance. Nearest Underground Station: Bermondsey on the Jubilee Line. Only 3-5 minute walk.

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Face recognition is a vital skill both for general survival and, in today's complex societies, for social survival. Cognitive psychologists and neuropsychologists have developed models of how we achieve this intricate task almost effortlessly despite encountering thousands of people in our lives. Some of the most valuable clues have come from studying people who have profound difficulties recognising familiar people like their family and friends (a condition known as 'prosopagnosia') and more recently, people who are exceptionally good at recognising even unfamiliar faces a very long time after a fleeting encounter (known as 'super-recognition'). In this talk, the amazing world of face-recognition will be explored from a cognitive and neuroscientific perspective as well as how this research can be applied to the outside world.

Host and Speaker:

We are happy to welcome back Dr Ashok Jansari, our guest host for October. Ashok is one of the country's experts in face recognition including face blindness (also known as 'prosopagnosia') and exceptional face memory (known as 'super-recognition'). He has been working in the field of neuropsychology for 25 years and some of his latter work is being done in conjunction with London's Metropolitan Police: the first police force in the world to strategically use serving officers with exceptional face-memory to apprehend criminal suspects. Ashok has also developed an expertise in being able to 'translate' general issues in psychology and science to the layperson, to make them more accessible.