• Pub Sing at The Churchill

    The Churchill

    Professional Musician Katy Pakinga will be here live and loud, for a big Pub Sing! Choir, at the pub, for the everyday shower singer casual, fun, hilarious choir for the average Joe. No sheet music or abilities required. * Drinks Specials * Food Specials ______________________________________________________ Subscribe to our emails to get advanced notice of all events and win free stuff just by subscribing. https://mailchi.mp/2d38518eb69d/email-subscriptions ______________________________________________________ So what is a Pub Sing? Basically a big, fast, 'choir' practice for the average shower singer.... at the pub! WITH REAL LIVE MUSICIANS! Do I need to be able to sing? Nope. Although we think everyone can sing, we're just looking for people who ENJOY doing it. Do I need to be able to read music? Nope. The words will be provided, either through our email subscription (bring your device to access these) or on a big screen in the venue where possible! No paper music will be available, lets save some trees! What does it cost? There will be koha buckets on the night. All koha will go towards our musicians, venue hire, music and arrangements, cost of having our meetup group and any other costs etc. When and where? We are always on the move! We aim for different venues every session. No two Pub Sing events will be the same. Usually Thursdays or Sundays, depending on the venue and our teams availability. We aim for something every three weeks or so. What to bring? Yourself, your phone (to access lyrics if there's any problems with the big screen), your mates and koha. What will we sing? You will find out the songs on the night, I teach the song (quickly) and a few harmonies... and then we sing! You may or may not know the song, that's the cool thing, we're all learning! Dancing not compulsory but certainly encouraged! *By attending a Pub Sing event, you understand and agree that you may be filmed and the video posted online. Either by our team or other participants