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Public Speakers Community Meetup (PSC) is a community of active and aspiring speakers.

PSC seminars address just about every topic imaginable related to public speaking and building a business as a public speakers including how to get on different stages, how to structure an effective talk, how to market your own events, how to get publicity on media and more...

PSC holds inexpensive, high-quality seminars and networking events on a regular basis. These events help speakers learn, network and grow. They learn new tactics, tools and techniques. They network with like-minded people. They grow their networks, their businesses and their characters.

Start growing your business or advancing your public speaking career today by checking us out. The best way to do this is to attend one of our meetings.

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Collaborate with Rich German and Iman Aghay

Online event

Join hundreds of top entrepreneurs from around the world on March 5-7 for COLLABORATE, an exciting live online event. See full event details at https://gr348.isrefer.com/go/collaborate/hobscheid
Over 300 have already registered. We are expecting to reach our limited capacity of 500 in the next few days.

At this highly anticipated online event, you'll have the opportunity to connect and join forces with hundreds of top industry leaders and experts from around the world.
You'll find tons of networking opportunities, coaching sessions, sharing of valuable knowledge and actionable tools, and other specially designed business and partnership building exercises and activities, all aiming at helping you to connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs and to scale your business to a higher level beyond the constraints of local economic conditions and boundaries.
Read the past attendees' testimonials posted on the event website and you will understand why this is a must-attend event.
Register now at https://gr348.isrefer.com/go/collaborate/hobscheid

Speakers PlayHouse

Online event

Speakers + Fun = Awesome! Come join us Friday at 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM PST for Speakers Playhouse! - An hour and a half of Fun, Free, Networking, and New Speaker Friends

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