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Whether you advance in your career may have to do with how good your ability is to speak in front of a group of people. If you are a good public speaker, you tend to inspire trust, and people tend to look up to you and follow you. On the other hand, if you are not a good public speaker, people tend to ignore your merits, which can severely slow down your professional advancement.

In this group, you will learn tools and practice effective public speaking skills, and you'll probably find out that public speaking is easier than you think, and that with some work you too can be an excellent public speaker.

In this group, you will

- Gain more self-confidence
- Learn effective communication skills
- Improve your leadership ability
- Improve your presence in in front of people
- Get rid of nervousness and anxiety of public speaking

To accomplish the above, we'll have free weekly meetings at the Dianetics & Scientology Life Improvement Center near Marconi and Watt in Sacramento.

Call Tony (the group organizer) at 916-519-5287 for any questions.

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How to Become a Beloved Public Speaker

Dianetics & Scientology Life Improvement Center

Would you like to have a smiling audience hanging on to your every word? Would you like to experience having full rapport with your audience? Come to this meeting, you will learn how to do that. It's easier than you think! What you will get from this meetup: - How to get rid of anxiety or self-consciousness - How to be comfortable in front of the audience - How to communicate with self-confidence - How to connect with the audience - How to get the audience's full attention Call Tony at[masked] if you have any questions.

Free Public Speaking Practice

Dianetics & Scientology Life Improvement Center

In this meeting, we will practice public speaking in a non-competitive and non-critical small-group atmosphere. I am experienced with coaching and training even very shy people do excellent public speaking. In fact, I used to be very shy and very nervous myself, so I know exactly what it is like to have stage fright or feeling nervous. However, it is because I have this experience, I also know how important and how easy it is to get rid of stage fright once you are coached the right way. Come to this public speaking practice, and I'll help you become a significantly more effective public speaker! Call me (Tony, group organizer) at[masked] for any questions.

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Free Public Speaking Practice

Dianetics & Scientology Life Improvement Center

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