What we're about

Every PR professional I know wants to use their talents to perform important socially needed, cause-based activities. Especially now, during these extremely difficult economic times, thousands of important charitable programs will begin to fail. Remarkably, the power of PR can help many of these organizations to begin to prosper again.

This marks the creation of the PublicRelationsCares.org national meetup organization, the first all volunteer/intern organization for socially responsible PR professionals and students.

The purpose of this meetup is to begin to develop a social responsibility internship program for the tens of thousands of amazing public relations professionals and students majoring in public relations at respected universities nationally.

Our members will be drawn from the professional public relations industry and from university communications/PR departments. This will provide students with real-world, hands-on experiences and will give them the opportunity to do feel-good work with “seasoned” PR professionals while gaining valuable insight into social responsibility as well as developing on-the job skills that will be needed throughout their professional careers.

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