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A casual, coed, no dress code, non-pretentious learning club for high-achievers needing help understanding PERSONAL BRANDING AND PUBLIC RELATIONS. You and your project/business are more newsworthy than you think! So let's have fun with your brand and stir up some shifts. Even if you feel like a nobody in your industry, or feel like it is impossible to stand out in your overly saturated network, the first step to getting featured by the media is understanding the various Public Relations approaches and where your personal or professional brand fits into the equation TODAY.

Whether you just launched a business, have a sidehustle passion project, are an athlete, or own and operate a small business, there are ways to earn and attract media features at at any stage of your journey. If you are in the process of taking action and smashing goals, trust me, you have a story and people want to hear it.

speaking engagements
media features
magazine articles
influencer arrangements
social media for business
authority positioning
brand development
PR tools
online content creation
cross promotion
exposure truths
PR prep
shutting out self doubt

Startup Founders
Bloggers/Social Media Personalities
Industry Experts
Online Personalities
Service Providers

Hi, I am Mindy Ambrose, a local lifestyle influencer, published writer, fitness model and publicist for local personalities, microbrands and business founders. I have the inside scoop on accessing PR opportunities at any stage of your game. I am not just a publicist, I also help people take PR goals into their own hands. As the group grows I will likely add more leaders to the organizer team.

Some formats will be live online so you can learn at home, while most talks will be a casual in-person lesson and discussion with some visuals and/or handouts. The first 15 minutes will be geared towards networking, ordering food, and getting settled in. I have a couple of venues lined up at coworking spaces in Vancouver and North Vancouver as well as restaurant meeting rooms. Everyone will walk away with valuable, practical take-aways and simple PR-related exercises or tips on how to prepare for PR opportunities.

As I do share revolutionary publicity hacks and information that can be applied to transform your brand right away, I will be charging for my time and knowledge accordingly. Some topics will not be considered high-ticket knowledge and will only require a nominal organizational fee. Some sessions will be more like intensive workshops where you will walk away with lucrative tools to earn valuable media features right away - these will come with a higher ticket cost.

(I mean it when I say no dress code. We are BUSY PEOPLE. This is a safe place to roll in after running errands, wearing your construction gear, or following a gym session... just showing up is an effort in itself sometimes and I appreciate your participation however you can make it happen. While image is an important aspect of personal branding, this is not a fashion competition. This is a casual and fun platform where the real people BEHIND their brands can be themselves.

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