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OP: Big trouble in little Korea

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With the well-publicized reports that of the desires the North Korean new young leader Kim Jung-un has on rebuilding his country’s nuclear capabilities, and making a nuclear warhead small enough to fit into a missile that could reach the United States mainland has been well documented. While most of the reports that have surfaced state that they’re several years away; however recent INTEL has surfaced showing that they’re a lot closer than recently thought.

Kaesong – a small town located just inside the North Korean; is home to two of North Korean’s top nuclear scientists. Byeoung-keum and Min-ho are suspected to be days away from being able to produce such a warhead. INTEL show that these recently stolen design(s) that have been on the black market are headed their way.

The United States of America is sending a small team to try and head these designs off from reaching their suspected new owners. Little do the Americans know; the villagers of Kaesong are heavily armed and will defend their country at all costs.

The KPA (Korean People's Army) has received their own INTEL of the American's plans, and are sending their own reinforcements to the area.

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ALL OTHERS - Civilian attire

There will be a "PISTOL/SHOTGUN" only round, so please bring your pistols or shotguns