What we're about

This is the group many stuntmen were waiting for! Whether you are a professional stuntman or a regular biker, this group accommodates all those who dream of biker stunts. Want to learn stunts? Want to extend your stunt skills by teaching others the techniques for various stunts? You've come to the right place. It's one and only group for stuntmen in Pune. Agenda will be:
1) Meeting at a common location
2) Organising learning-teaching sessions/camps
3) Sharpen our skills by practising
4) Earning chunks of Rupees by performing live in various events happening in and around Pune.

1) Own a bike which is eligible for stunts ( You know what i mean by eligible)
2) Helmet compulsory
3) Valid driving licence along with Valid papers for bike
4) Last but most important: Jigar me dum

The undertaking form will be signed by all the members while joining.
All the activities will be carried out with Pune City Police permission.

Past events (2)

Basic Stunts Practice/ Introduction Of New Members

Cricket Ground

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