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Doris Lavin, Cuban Jazz singer is now in Pune for at least the season 2014-2015. She is looking for groupies, fans, co-musicians and other supporters to launch the Cuban music lifestyle in Pune. For more information see www.dorislav.in

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Needs a date and time

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A date will follow. Just subscribe to the group so that we evaluate the capacity of the venue facility (single music room, single dance room, or large auditorium).

Our aim is principally to start a rehearsal series of dates so that when we go live, we are ready to dance salsa/son and know the rhythms and anthems. Musicians are desired also: we want to build up an Indian music group for December to March Pune and touring season.

Sorry, this week we are playing in Bangalore ...
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

As soon as we get a new gig in Pune we will inform you on this social media. Please follow www.dorislavin.com and www.dorislav.in

I f you hear about gigs opportunities please contact 'Antoine' of Doris Lavin Productions. We will give you the last record of Doris ! Dedicated and Signed!