The birth & growth of alternative Marketplaces

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The Mobile landscape is ruled by the sales and availability of Mobile apps. As more and more people migrate to using smartphones, getting the relevant apps out to these folks is the key to ruling the landscape.

This MeetUp will focus on how device Jailbreaking/Rooting has spurned an alternative universe of Marketplaces and Apps, understanding the entire world of custom modded devices, what they aim to achieve and how app developers are cashing on this niche group of users.

Agenda for this event will be:

Talk on custom device modding accompanied with an emphasis on

- How devices are Jailbroken or Rooted.

- Alternative marketplaces

- Apps specifically tailored for modded devices.

- What functionality modding enables.

- Pros & Cons of modding

Session will be taken by Reeve Luiz , Product Manager - Opera MediaWorks.

As usual, session will be followed by an open discussion where we can discuss any issues around Mobile development

Target Audience for this event are Mobile App Developers(all platforms), Business Development Folks, Entrepreneurs and Mobile Enthusiasts.