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The food industry is a high-risk business proposition. You’ve got lot of competition and a lot of details to perfect. According to an often quoted study (http://cqx.sagepub.com/content/46/3/304.abstract), 60% of businesses fail in the first year. How do you ensure your restaurant’s success?You can help increase your chance of success by understanding seven of the surprisingly common problems restaurants face and developing strategies to combat these issues.

Common Problem #1: The Menu

Common Problem #2: Customer Service

Common Problem #3: A Unique Selling Point

Common Problem #4: Management

Common Problem #5: Hiring and Training Staff

Common Problem #6: Marketing

Common Problem #7: Capital

Have you experienced another problem common to restaurants that isn’t listed here? We’d love to hear from you. Please share your problem below as well as the way(s) you solved the issue. The intent of this meet up is to meet prospective restaurant owners, managers and employees and discuss there core business problems. Also discuss on how we can bring digital transformation in restaurants for a better customer experience.

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