What we're about

“Young people today have the commitment and passion to change the world.” Insight is the platform to bring all old and young together, the old ones to share experiences, guide and inspire and the youth to proactively bring about transformation. This group aims at utilising the leisure time of the youth and harnessing their exuberance and raw energy for creative activities is essential. The group aspires to provide opportunities for vocational skill development of the youth and inculcate self-entrepreneurship in them so as to motivate them towards self-reliance. This becomes all the more important in the context of shrinking job opportunities in the existing infrastructure and the need for promoting entrepreneurship which serves the triple objective of selfsustainability, creating new jobs and thereby supporting economic growth. It’s a platform to Share Expertise and Experience, Self-Empowerment, Knowledge Sharing, Self Improvement, Entrepreneurship, Collaboration between Creative Minds, Giving Back to the Community - Engaging Youth, Youth Empowerment, share Ideas worth spreading and much more… The focus shall always be betterment of youth and our communities and in the process, doing our bit to make our surrounding a more superior place to live in.

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