Guys, Girls and Sex!

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A new year has started and perhaps we need a new start. But where should we start from? Perhaps, from where all human life starts- the simple act of sex. Yes, let’s start the New Year’s, writing about sex.

No, this is not a invitation to write and read porn. That would be best shared with your partners- real or imaginary. But every one of us has so many unspoken thoughts and memories of sex. Many of our stories have strong emotions attached to them. Perhaps writing the stories out will release the stress, let us re-experience the joy, or help clear the confusion.

Some prompts to help your creative juices flowing:

· How did you first learn about sex?

· First time you learnt about abuse- from others or through personal experiences,

· How did you tell, or hide information from your parents, about your first love.

· How did you go about buying your first contraceptives?

· How did you tell your kids about the bees and the birds?

· What would you do if a drunk friend makes a unwanted advance on you or a loved one?

· Do you know people who mistook arousal for consent? How did they deal with it?

· What did you think of those TV advertisements about Whispers and Stayfree?

As I said before, some of the stories in our heads are traumatic. But perhaps they are traumatic simply because we have not revisited them or thought through them. Perhaps writing them out will make you see them in a new light.

Some of the experiences might have been amazing. The birth of a child. The first time you realised who was your soulmate. The imaginary lover.

Some may be mistakes that you would not want others to make. Sharing them with others might make the mistakes worthwhile- at least others will be forewarned of such mistakes.

Your stories don’t need to be personal or true. They can be imaginary. They can be an attempt to rewrite our histories for the better, or to write out our most horrendous fears. It’s your choice. But do write and bring your stories to share at our session.

Why am I hosting this event? I am writing a non fiction book on this topic. I hope to get some fresh ideas and perspectives to add to the book.