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Boulder, CO

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Oct 22, 2015


I am Michele and I have been a Reiki Master for 4 yrs. My Reiki business is Cherry Blossom Coaching and Reiki.

What inspired and drew you to the healing work of Reiki?

I was looking to becoming a healer and taking medicinal herb courses. After the sudden death of a dear friend of mine, Reiki became my next Path.

How long have you been a Reiki Practitioner? Or if you're not a Reiki practitioner, how long have you been receiving Reiki energy healings?

I have been practicing Reiki for four years now.

How do you feel that Reiki has transformed you?

I feel that Reiki is a very important part of my life and a natural way to help others. It has become second nature for me to use during my practice.