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I have grown and will always continue to grow and change as I learn about myself. I would like to bring open minded people together who want to explore who they are. I'm interested in pure love and truth while not pushing one "Religion or Belief". I'm open to hearing about our divine creator in any form. I know there are many ways and paths. I know that is't not "all good". I'm not into New Age BS (Belief Systems, LOL). I imagine that there are higher and higher places or points of consciousness that we can realize and or experience. I don't have all the "right" words or anything. I'm just someone who sees this world in all it's beauty and ugliness. I'm not one to stick my head in the sand for very long. LOL! I see the suffering. I see that many people ignore the pain in this world. I know it is our duty to love and protect all living beings form harm when we can, and we can. I'm hoping that we as a group will find ways to help the suffering and bring light to the darkness. Humans and animals!!

Also, I know that we should always protect and love animals and that means we don't eat them. So this is a vegan group. If your not, that's ok, just be open to learning why no one should be supporting the killing of beautiful animals. This also is not a military vegan group, there will be no condemning of anyone and at the same time we don't condone it. So if you join this group, please be open to changing your ways if you do eat meat at this time.

About changing ones ways.... It is important for all of us to be open to seeing where need to grow and make changes in our lives that benefit us and the rest of the world. Let's be honest with each other and ourselves. Non of us are perfect and we all have room to grow.

I am open to spiritual exploration in our selves.

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