6 Workshops: Start Your Healing Journey with Pureland Qi Gong


When the students are ready, the teacher appears!

Learn to catch your fish then being given a fish. Train the healer inside you!

More Info and register: http://www.eastover.com/workshop/pureland-qi-gong-instructors-training-master-teresa-yeung-2-2.html

6 Workshops:
Saturday morning 10-12: Fee: $40 (Learn how to make the Healing Chi)
Saturday afternoon[masked]: Fee: $75 (Learn to send healing to yourself)
Sunday morning and afternoon[masked]: $125 (Advanced learning - 3 Qi Gong - Golden Pill Chi Gong)
Monday Certification: Learn to Send Chi to Heal Others $250
Lunch not included - bring your lunch

Master Teresa Yeung’s philosophy is that a life of joy, happiness and abundance can only be experienced in their fullness when our emotional, mental and spiritual states are balanced and integrated within the physical body. As an internationally recognized Master of Chi Gong, she is able to raise consciousness and expand knowledge to accelerate integrative healing with her innovative Pureland International Chi Gong®.

Master Teresa educates her students about the power of the chi energy and how it works to raise the energetic level of the emotional, mental and spiritual states within the physical body. Having worked with thousands of people of all ages and walks of life, she teaches them how to tune into the chi energy for balance, clarity and direction. Whatever the personal challenges are, the chi empowers to move forward. She has seen the positive results in many of her students, and within herself, having faced her own hardships as a single mother raising three children on her own.

Master Teresa – as she is lovingly called – has an impressive resume. She is not only a healer, speaker, author, but she is the chosen successor of Grandmaster Wu’s Chi Gong lineage. He was an educator and also renowned for creating the highly successful Wu’s Eye Qi Gong® that has helped millions of people worldwide. She continues to honor and expand on his legacy.


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