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We wish to bring you good knowledge, healing tools by sharing how to balance the body naturally with integrative medicine focsing on energy work of moving the Chi. It will cover areas of Chi Gong, Tai Chi, energy healing, Feng Shui, Self Defence, nutrition etc.

Master Teresa Yeung also travels around Ontario and international and look forward meeting you.

If you are interested in learning something impactful to your life from a master, please join.

Beyond Traditional Chi Gong (Qigong)
Her philosophy is that a life of joy and abundance can be experienced when the emotional, psychological and physiological bodies are in balance. In her Pureland Qi GongⓇ, she raises consciousness, expands knowledge with new teachings to accelerate integrative healing of the physical, emotional and spiritual states.

Master Teresa Yeung is a Vibrant, Successful Single Mother who has decades of experience training Qi Gong (chi gong) instructors and Fa Chi Si healers. She is a dynamic, compassionate life teacher, healer, speaker, an internationally recognized Generational Master of Qi Gong, visionary, medical intuitive and 2 x #1 international bestselling award-winning author. She is the sole successor of Qi Gong Grandmaster Weizhao Wu’s lineage expanding Qi Gong to clear chakras and deep traumatic emotions.

To learn more about upcoming events: Upcoming Events (https://purelandqigong.com/events/)

30 Benefits from Practicing Master Teresa® Chi Gong

1. Organic and chemical free

2. De-stresses and makes you feel more joyful

3. Energizing and relaxing

4. Restores life force energy

5. Balances side effects of drugs

6. Improve vision: macular degeneration and glaucoma

7. Speedup healing from surgeries

8. Re-oxygenate the cells

9. Improve blood circulation

10. Improve the texture of skin e.g. fewer breakouts

11. Detoxifying and nourishing the organs

12. Relaxes the muscles and joints

13. Balance PH in the body

14. Reduce all kinds of pain from headaches, migraines, menstrual pain to inflammation

15. Raise testosterone for athletic performance

16. Infertility

17. Balance endocrine system

18. Improve digestion e.g. colitis, IBS

19. Improve breathing and lung capacity e.g. asthma

20. Balance blood pressure e.g. increase or decrease blood pressure

21. Improve metabolism and burn carbs to lose weight

22. Improve metabolism and gain weight

23. Balance emotions and build confidence

24. Improve the quality of sleep

25. Balances the heart, liver, pancreas, lung, kidney and more

26. Improves focus, concentration, and endurance

27. Improve the health of terminal disease

28. Assist the healing of disease e.g. cancer

29. Body, mind, and spirit practice

30. Chi Gong raises DHEA

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Upcoming events (5+)

Joy & Abundance Self-Healing Chi Gong Workshop

OM TORONTO Meditation, Healing Arts, Yoga & Workshop Centre

Joy & Abundance Self-Healing Chi Gong Workshop June 9 Sunday 10.30am - 1.30pm Learn how to master Pureland Qi Gong Level 1 for health proven successful Learn how to self heal with advanced self-healing techniques Psychology of Chi healing Facilitator: Master Teresa https://youtu.be/ZEV9cHLtikQ Fee: $100 ( incl $50 value DVD ) At the Door: $125 Register: https://sowl.co/YHCmJ 50 over Testimonials: https://purelandqigong.com/chi-gong-video-library/ Hi I am a client of Master Teresa and , which I found online , and really like the way the website explained things , I had at the time eye issues ,and ordered the eye qigong and everyday qigong , upon getting this I practiced eye qigong my eyes felt great , I then scheduled a telephone session with Master Teresa and felt great and was told to meditate 20 mins a day meditatingwith breathing ,fast forward to several yrs later I contacted Master Teresa on feb 2019 I was having breathing issues and have had respiratory issues and severe cough and post sinus drip , after the 20 min session I felt great also I am practicing the exercises and still am , and hope that my practice continues , Master Teresa is both genuine and caring and hope to improve. Sincere thanks C I am a retired Naturopath Doctor with over 35 years experience as well as a bioenergy healer, and a medicine woman in excellent health. Unfortunately, there was a water contamination recently in my home which was not being detected in time which led me to severe diarrhea from drinking dirty water for a whole month. I was able to heal a lot by myself and my energy level returned well enough that I could shovel snow. However for the next 2 months I still had different health symptoms that I was not able to fully recover from. So I turned to Master Teresa to boost my vital life force energy - chi Our remote telephone session helped the first time and I had a few more. I really enjoyed our sessions as I could feel the chi and the increase in energy movement all through my body. In the most recent telephone session, I felt so hot I became clammy and sweaty! She also gave me self-help tools. My symptoms are gradually dimishing. I am now in her Fa Chi Gong Instructor's program. Thankyou Master Teresa for your expertise and care. It is such a privilege to have your help with my health. Dr Joan Weir ND. ( ret) Naturopathic Doctor and Medicine Woman Master Teresa called me, to check in. I had been dealing with a headache that had been constant for more than two days. I reluctantly had taken one dose of a pain medication the day before yet it did not provide any relief. When Master Teresa connected with me, I moved from a focus on the pain and discomfort to acceptance. I felt held, supported, and validated. The headache resolved that evening. Brigitte www.PurelandQiGong.com

Medical Chi Gong - Basic

OM TORONTO Meditation, Healing Arts, Yoga & Workshop Centre

An evening to learn basic medical chi gong with Master Teresa - learn some practical easy to do breathing exercises that enhance life force energy promo healing. Fee: $ 20.- Bonus: Group Chi Blast Healing Pay at the door Testimonial: https://purelandqigong.com/chi-gong-video-library/

Markham EnerChi Monday for the Family

Chung Wah _ Markham

A Special Evening To TuneUp the Body, Re-energize and Learn something empowering to heal the body and nourish the soul. What are we doing? The evening schedule will be like: 7 - 8 pm Medical Chi Gong 8 - 8.30pm Bonus: in this half-hour, we like to introduce you to more knowledge for personal development eg. Self-defence, nutrition and other modalities to support your personal development. Keith Murchie, Kung Fu Master and healer will be supporting us in the self-defence area now. Register for one person for 8 classes $199 : https://sowl.co/INiIh Register for family 2-3 add $100 only $299 only : https://sowl.co/CdCu0 Young Children (well behaved) : no fee can sit free around on the bench reading. Bonus: Group Chi Blast Healing Pay at the door: $30 Location: 150 Ferrier St. Unit 12 Ont. L3R 2Z5 Testimonial: https://purelandqigong.com/chi-gong-video-library/

Markham Medical Chi Gong + Self Defence - Monday

Chung Wah _ Markham

An leisure evening to learn basic medical chi gong and reduce stress with Master Teresa - learn some fine-tuned healing and practical easy to do breathing exercises that enhance life force energy promo healing. - self defence class will be added supported by Sifu Keith Murchie without extra fee Fee: $199 for 8 classes Pay at the Door : $30 Bonus: Group Chi Blast Healing Pay at the door: $30 Family discount, please ask Testimonial: https://purelandqigong.com/chi-gong-video-library/

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Eye Chi Gong Workshop


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