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Purpose In Pumps ( is an Atlanta-based life enrichment organization for women co-founded in 2015 by N. Renee McFadden and Dr. Avis Foley. Our focus initiatives include personal and professional development for career and business women as well as stay-at-home moms and college students.

Our signature Pink Tank event is open to Meetup group members interested in learning more about the organization as well as connecting with like-minded women around the metro Atlanta area. Starting March 2018, the 3-hour events will be hosted at our partner venue - Hampton Inn and Suites Atlanta Perimeter-Dunwoody on a monthly basis.


"There was a great, intimate feel to the event. To see everyone working together and having common interests just made me feel at home! Anytime women can come together and NOT hold grudges, be jealous or participate in cattiness shows the world “look out!” Purpose In Pumps is a reflection of its leadership." – Anonymous

"It was a great atmosphere that allowed everyone a chance to express themselves as well as get feedback from others. I’m glad I was able to attend and look forward to more events!" – Tiffany R.

"I enjoyed the Pink Tank activity because it reminded me that I have many ideas that can bring me the wealth I have always dreamt of." - Andreen Y.

"The Pink Tank activity helped me to realize it takes a village. As women, we can come together to be successful in any area of our lives. It was great to get connected with the other women." - Monica S.

"Purpose In Pumps!! First of all, GREAT NAME - one of the reasons my attention was drawn to your group! I believe that you are doing some great things with your organization. Allowing women with like-minded goals to come together and network is rare but definitely appreciated. This group came right on time with the New Year and with me personally wanting to grow my business!! This was great!! Thank you!!" - Milona Ina

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