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Have you experienced a lost of a parent, sibling or someone who was dear to you?

Did you mourn so deeply that you fell into a depression?

Are you in need of a help with forgiveness, letting go and move through a painful grief?

If you answer YES to all of the questions above then what ACTION can you take TODAY to start overcome your grief and depression?

Do you want to working toward your happiness and be present with your family, friends and those around you?

If you want to regain and take charge of your daily routine after a death of your loved one, then I welcome you to join NEW MINDSET NEW RESULTS.

My name is Margaret Tran, an author of a book called The ACTIONS. I am a Grief and Energy Healing Coach.

Come join the group for the opportunity to come together with other people who are dealing with similar struggles and issues for mutual support. Together we can break past grief!

NEW MINDSET NEW RESULTS is a group for anyone interested in:

•Being a part of a positive, supportive, kind, caring, respectful community

•Personal growth, self-improvement, learning how to use what you're great at to be successful

•Meeting other positive, kind, respectful people.

Everyone is welcome as long as you are kind and respectful to others. Bullying, gossip or disrespect towards others will not be tolerated. It's a place to meet people as they are, get to know them as people, as friends. If you are not treating others with kindness and respect, you will be removed from the group.

I believe together we can create a kinder, more caring and respectful world where everyone is treated with the utmost respect so that we can all lead happier lives.

I truly look forward to meeting all of you.

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The ACTIONS to Awaken A New Mindset

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The ACTIONS to Awaken A New Mindset

Needs a location

The ACTIONS to Awaken A New Mindset

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White Rocks

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