What we're about

What we're about

Our goal is to create a local queer centered (though not necessarily exclusive) community of nerds, geeks and gamers for social support and fun get togethers. We will strive to be inclusive to all including nonbinary, trans, ace and poly folks. We will try to accommodate for fur and human babies as well as any other needs. This a group dedicated to creating a safe and inviting community for queer nerds, geeks and gamers! We are focused on friendship and community building rather than on dating and hooking up.

**** please see bottom for covid19 response measures****

This is not a learning group, and we won’t be able to set aside time to teach more queer knowledge and behavior. If you are still learning about the queer community and your place in it, you are still welcome to join, but we won’t be taking time to train or explain within the meetups. We do have a reference sheet of resources that we can provide to you if you are interested.

Admins will be moderating discussions at events and on the official line chats and if someone breaches our group agreements they will be asked to stop or change subject in person/in chat and get a follow up private conversation from an admin.

Intentional hate speech and sexual harassment are an automatic ban.


- No transphobia

- No racism

- No misogyny

- No fatphobia. This is diet culture free environment. We do not discuss diets or weight in group settings.

- No ableism

- No other -isms or identity-based phobias

- No abusive or harassing language or behavior. When asked to stop or drop a subject in an event or on the group chat you should immediately do so. Follow up should happen in private and if the other person does not wish to pick up the conversation in private you need to respect that request.

- Don’t be a dick. Or an ass. Have an ass, don’t be one. I mean a butt, not a donkey. Don’t bring a donkey. They’re dangerous.

For your safety, we treat discipline as a tiered system.

Tier 1: Warning

- Explanation of issue, point to resources on subject

- No restrictions

Tier 2: 2nd Warning

- Point to rules again, state as 2nd warning, note that continuation of offense will result in expulsion

- Limits may be imposed on interactions within the group based on infraction

Tier 3: Expulsion

- You are the weakest link. Goodbye.

We do have a limited number of spots open for this group and preference is given to members who live in the Puyallup/Tacoma area. It may take a while for you to be approved as a member as we wait for spots to open. There is an expectation of participation to remain in the group, in either meet up events and/or line group chats so please only ask to join if you are committed to participating. We have a policy of booting folks for 3 no-shows (defined as an RSVP to an event and then not showing up without notifying an admin, dropping a comment notification and/or marking yourself as unable to come).

As a group we primarily use the Line messenger app as an optional communication system for community building, discussion and unofficial hangout/events. We have many Line discussion groups including a general line group chat, cosplay discussion group, a peer support group primarily for support around mental health and dealing with oppression, a discussion on queer media, and others.

To get added to our LINE group you must attend one public meet up event. It can be a public virtual event.

If you have any comments/questions/concerns, please contact any of the administrators through the meetup app, LINE chat, or by messaging our email at queernerdcollective@gmail.com.

Our Admins include (we all have admin on our name tags as well):

Megan (SilverShades) - Per/Pers

Stephanie - She/Her

Tarnah - She/ Her

Once you join our Line group or attend 3 official meet up events you are able to request a permanent name tag. Please see Admin Megan if you would like a name tag.

**COVID-19 Guidelines**

During the pandemic, most of our meetings will be held online. Should there be a resurgence of the virus, all in-person meetings will be cancelled.

Our current schedule of recurring meetups:

- At-Home Happy Hour (online, public event)

- RPG One-Shots (online, public event; some in-person private events)

- Movie Night (online, public event)

- Board Games (in-person, private event)

Guidelines for in-person events:

- Masks required

- Hand-washing as soon as you enter a building

- Hand sanitizer available

- Outside meetings when possible

- No guests permitted

- Maximum of 8 people allowed

- Self-regulate: Do not attend if you have been out-of-state or otherwise exposed (i.e. at a protest) in the last 2 weeks, stay home if you have a temperature or other signs of illness

- No physical contact with people outside of your home unit (no hugs ☹)

- No food/drinks served; you may bring your own and consume it outside the house

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Monthly Movie/ Anime Night

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