The "why" behind data science

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Often talks about data science focus on tools and methods. Tools are important and it is really important to stay up to date with the latest tools and technologies (they are the “how”). But data science is also about finding good problems and solving them (the “why”). Good problems are ones that are both valuable (someone really wants an answer) and tractable (there is data you can find to help you answer it). Today, with modern technologies, many more problems are tractable than ever before; lots of data is freely available on the internet and sensors make it easy to collect ad hoc data sets. This talk will emphasize the importance of asking “why” by exploring a few examples from Datascope’s client work and our various side projects where, if we hadn’t asked “why”, the outcomes would have been far less useful.

About the speaker:

Gabe Gaster is a data scientist at Datascope Analytics, a data science firm based out of Chicago. There, Gabe has worked on projects in the internet of things, market research for R&D, and visualizing bike transportation. Gabe also helped develop the recommender system for SimpleRelevance, and teaches math at the Chicago Math Circle.

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