PyData Berlin February meetup

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Hallo everyone,

Our Feb meetup in 2019 will be hosted by WATTx GmbH
Doors open at 6:30 PM and the talks are going to start at 7:15 PM.
Food and Drinks are provided.

The Schedule for the evening:

Talk 1: 35 mins
Title: NLP concepts
Speaker: Steph Samson

You've probably heard the words n-grams, tokens, POS tags and other mysterious terms thrown around during some PyData meetups but what do they exactly mean? In this talk, I will be giving a short introduction to linguistics for natural language processing. By the end of this talk, attendees should be familiar with some basic linguistic terms to help them better understand NLP-related presentations and tools.

Speaker Bio:
Steph is a software engineer at MOIA, a VW-company, working with the autonomous mobility team. She is trained as a computational linguist and previously worked on natural language processing. You may also know her from the Recurse Center (formerly known as Hacker School).

Talk 2: 35 mins
Title: The ImageNet Moment in NLP: From wordvectors to language models
Speaker: Tobias Sterbak

The year 2018 was considered the year of pre-training in natural language processing (NLP), where many important benchmarks where dominated by large pre-trained and fine-tuned neural networks. Some already claimed the "ImageNet moment in NLP" has arrived. While in the past, only wordvectors where trained on large corpora of text, the recent development trained full language models and fine-tuned them on a specific task. I will give you an overview of the models and methods to fine-tune them. We will cover ELMo, ULMFit and Bert. After the talk you will know how you can apply the methods in keras and pytorch.
Speaker Bio:
Tobias Sterbak is a freelance machine learning consultant, providing state-of-the-art natural language processing and machine learning for companies in multiple industries. He is also writing about machine learning and natural language processing on

Lightning talks
Rüdiger Busche: Sacred (
Damian Heimel: AI from research to production, lessens learned in

We look forward to see all of you you there!
Stay tuned: In 2019, PyData Berlin is going to join forces with PyCon.DE to organise an awesome conference in October.

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See you soon!
-PyData Berlin Team