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Hallo everyone,

Our April meetup in 2019 will be kindly hosted by Wooga.
Doors open at 6:45 PM and the talks are going to start at 7:15 PM.
Food and Drinks are provided.

So far we have one speaker scheduled and we are looking for a second speaker. Please reach out to us (here, or via [masked]) or fill the form on the website ( If you would like to give a talk.

Talk 1: 35 mins
Title: Bokeh basics and some advanced features
Speaker: Dmitri Stepanov

It is hard to overestimate the importance of data visualisation. Most of the introductory courses/tutorials on data analysis or example notebooks employ libraries such as matplotlib . But how about something more interactive? What if you want to zoom in or get some additional information on a data point by hovering over it on a plot? I will introduce Bokeh library which is packed with tools for such interactive visualisations in browsers. I will briefly cover the basics and focus on slightly more advanced features such as UI controls like buttons and sliders and embedding Bokeh plots into web applications.

Speaker Bio:
Dmitri comes originally from the pharmaceutical domain. Quickly realising that his interests lay instead in computer/data science, he started a project in machine learning. Since three years he is a PhD student at the Freie Universität Berlin working on a machine learning approach to predict human skin penetration by chemical compounds.

Talk 2: 35 mins

Lightning talks
Please contact us at [masked] if you would like to share something with the community in a 5 minutes talk.

We look forward to see all of you you there!
Stay tuned: In 2019, PyData Berlin is going to join forces with PyCon.DE to organise an awesome conference in October:

It would be a pleasure to have you giving a talk at one of our meetups, please fill out our handy form with your idea:

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See you soon!
-PyData Berlin Team